About Native English Coach (NEC)

Improve your English by studying with a native English speaker.

NEC was started by a team of experienced native English speakers who banded together in a collaborative effort to provide, prospective and current students, a high quality learning experience.

As experienced English coaches we know that there are many other companies out there who each have their own ways of teaching. Each company has its own specialties, goals, resources, etc… Unfortunately, this makes them very inflexible. As a result, they force students to learn how the company wants them to instead of how the student wants to.

They are less interested in the student’s goals and requirements and are more interested in the number of students they can service.

NEC is more interested in ensuring our students receive a personalized experience. That is why your first session is not a class. Instead it is an opportunity to get to know your prospective English coach and explain those goals and requirements that were mentioned above. You will have a chance to discuss your options in regards to your class type, duration, schedule, and how the sessions are conducted. Best of all, that first session is absolutely FREE.

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  • Improve your English

    Basic English, Business English & Conversational English

  • TOEFL & IELTS Exam Preparation

    Let us help you improve your score by teaching you the skills you need to be successful on either test.

  • Interview Skills & Practice

    Do you have a job interview coming up? Will you be facing a university admissions board? Perhaps, you applied for a loan. We can teach you what you need to know to get approved/hired.

  • Writing and Proofreading

    Most people do not realize that writing is a skill that can be taught, as much as it is a talent. Whether you want to learn how to write business reports / emails, stories, or even a love letter to that special someone...we can help. We can also offer proofreading services.

Coaching Staff

All of our coaches are native English speakers
Zimbabwe, Hong Kong and South Africa
  • Teaching English since 2008.
  • Teaches Basic, Business and Conversational English.
  • Certified native speaker
Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Teaching English since 2009.
  • Teaches Basic, Business and Conversational English.
  • Certified native speaker
Fontana, California, USA
  • Teaching English since 2011.
  • Teaches Basic, Business and Conversational English.
  • Certified native speaker
County Cork, Southern Ireland
  • Teaching English since 2007.
  • Teaches Basic, Business and Conversational English.
  • Certified native speaker

Courses & Services

We offer several courses and services, so choose the one that is right for you.

Basic English

Grammar / Vocabulary / Pronunciation


/30 Minutes
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Prepositions
  • Sentence structure
  • ...and much much more.
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Business English

Vocabulary / Etiquette / Reports, etc...


/30 Minutes
  • Industry Specific Vocabulary
  • Business Correspondence
  • Business Etiquette
  • Report Writing
  • Negotiating
  • Scheduling
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Conversational English

Improve your conversation skills.


/30 Minutes
  • Learn conversation skills
  • Practice the skills you learned
  • Learn conversation Etiquette
  • How to start / join a conversation
  • Common Colloquialisms (USA)
  • Formal or Informal English?
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Improve your IELTS or TOEFL Score.


/30 Minutes
  • Get to know the exam
  • Skills needed for improvement
  • Speaking Tests
  • Writing Tests
  • Reading Tests
  • Listening Tests
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Learn how to ace an interview.


/30 Minutes
  • What you should do
  • What you should not do
  • Common interview questions
  • How to answer those questions
  • Practice Interviews
  • What to bring to an interview
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CV / Resume Writing

Learn how to write an effective CV.


/30 Minutes
  • Cover letter writing
  • What HR looks for on your CV
  • Formatting your CV/Resume
  • What information to include
  • What information to leave out
  • Best practices
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Job Search

Learn how to find your dream job.


/30 Minutes
  • Picking the right job for you
  • What to do before starting to search
  • Where to actually look for jobs
  • Applying for open positions
  • When to apply for a job
  • What to include when applying
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Learn how to proofread properly.


/30 Minutes
  • Why proofreading is important
  • How often you should proofread
  • What to look for when proofreading
  • Let technology help you
  • Different proofreading techniques
  • Should you hire a professional?
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