Students from China

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If you are located in China, then please read this page before purchasing classes.

Chinese National Firewall

Causes Connection Problems

The firewall your government has in place, that filters what you are allowed to see and access online, adds significant latency (delay) to video conferencing technology such as Skype, QQ Audio/Video Chat, etc… In our experience, this makes communication very difficult, especially during peak hours. As a result, we must insist on using Zoom web conferencing software.

Don’t worry. Zoom is absolutely free and will not cost you any money. It is also extremely easy to use. Simply sign up for a free account on their website. Your coach will send you a link or meeting number. Once you attempt to enter the class you will be asked to download the software (only has to be downloaded and installed one time.)


Because your government blocks Google products such as Google Drive, any coaches who choose to record classes will keep your class recordings in Microsoft One Drive. If you do not have a free Microsoft email account (, I highly suggest signing up for one to make it easier to access your class recordings.

Purchasing Classes


At the moment, Paypal is our only payment processor. You may use a credit/debit card to purchase classes, but it must be a UNIONPAY 银联 card. Sometimes, other credit/debit cards from China do not work well with PayPal.

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Plans for the future

In the future, we plan to add other payment processors that should work better with your other credit cards.