How to sign up for a new account with our booking service.

In order to book / schedule classes with one of our coaches you will need an account with our booking service. Signing up for an account couldn’t be simpler.

Step 1

Visit Native English Coach’s booking service website.

Step 2

Select the coach you wish to have class with. Clicking his/her name should bring you to that coach’s calendar / schedule.

01-Pick your native English speaking coach

Step 3

Click the SIGN IN link.

02-Calendar view - Click the SIGN IN link

Step 4


03-Supersaas Login Screen - Click the CREATE A NEW USER ACCOUNT link

Step 5

Fill out the form and click the CREATE button at the bottom.

04-New user account creation page

Step 6

Now that you created your account you should see the following screen telling you that our system send you an email containing a CONFIRMATION LINK.

05-Confirmation email notice after NEC booking account creation

Step 7

Open your email and look for the email from our booking service. Click the CONFIRMATION LINK.

Step 8

Once you have clicked the confirmation link you should be taken to a login screen. Your email address should already be filled in and the coach’s name (that you selected in step 2) should also appear.

06-Login page after clicking the confirmation link from NEC booking service

Step 9

Enter your password and click LOG IN

Step 10


You are now logged into our booking system and you may purchase credits and book classes.

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